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Our Service


What to expect when you attend

Our worship is going to consist of a few things that may be new to you. We are going to sing, because we like to celebrate who God is. We are going to pray, so that we can talk to God.  We will have communion, where we will have bread and juice to celebrate that Jesus died and rose from the grave so that our sins could be forgiven.  All believers are welcome to take communion. After that, we will have a time of offering. This is a chance for our members and friends to support the work here. Finally, we will have a message, where we will look into God’s word and seek to apply it to our lives.



Feel free to dress however you like.  We have people who wear everything from t-shirts and jeans to "church" clothes.

Bible Studies 

At Patrick Springs Christian Church, we know that God's love letter, the Bible, is full of things that we need to know to have a full life. So we have three different Bible studies for you to check out.


  1. Sunday mornings at 9:45, we have what we call Sunday School. We have a mixed Adult class, a Ladies only Adult Class, teen and children's classes.

  2. Elder Bobby Rorrer leads the Wednesday 7 PM service. 


At Patrick Springs Christian Church, we love kids. We would love to meet yours! We have a Nursery available on Sunday morning where dedicated volunteers would love to watch your kids while you attend the service. Ages 2-9 are dismissed during the sermon for their own message.


Sunday mornings, we express our love and respect for God through music.  We would love to expand this ministry, so if you play an intrument or sing, please let anyone that you see on stage know.    Our sound system accommodates singing with CD's/DVD's.

Community service


At Patrick Springs Christian Church, we know that God designed the church to change the world. Therefore, we seek to get involved in our community and help people. We do this through giving, collecting items needed for schools, and in other ways.  We continue to seek to try to improve in this area of ministry.

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